Pretoria-Loving Wedding Enthusiasts

Kinda Creative was started by Caetlin and Nikki, a truly dynamic-duo, who were both co-ordinators

at a unique venue in the heart of Pretoria.

For 4 years they have specialized in the design of non-traditional weddings. 

The individuality of each wedding, and every bride they worked with, inspired them to start with Kinda Creative in 2014.



"We strive to make a personal impression with every wedding we do.

Our focus is strictly on the visual, and we would like the bride to experience it as well. "

The Business Side

Caetlin has a degree in Hospitality and Management, and has conducted various courses in flower arrangement.

She handles the PR side of Kinda Creative.

All prospective clients will deal mainly with Caetlin.

Caetlin Simoes
Co-Founder & Administrative Director

The Creative Side

Nikki dominates the business's right brain with her degree in Interior Architecture and Photography.

She is in charge of all designs, marketing and media for Kinda Creative. She works behind the scenes!

Nikki Paul
Co-Founder & Creative Director


Caetlin      082 548 2206

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